Head Teacher's Welcome and Parent Handbook

Welcome to Cromer Junior School
Cromer Junior School is a moderately large school maintained by Norfolk County Council.  There are approximately 270 pupils, aged from 7 to 11, who work in a modern, well maintained and well-resourced building.  The school shares the same site as Cromer Academy and Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School.  Cromer Junior School works very closely with these partners alongside the wider Cromer Cluster of schools.
The school contains an ASD Base, where up to 10 pupils from a wider catchment area, with elements of Autism, are supported in their learning.
Our building is well resourced with a large activity hall, on-site kitchen, carpeted classrooms and corridors, study areas in each corridor, a modern library, a gallery, medical room, individual lockers for pupils and an air conditioned 36 station computer suite.  Wifi is available throughout the school.
Outside, the school has areas for ball games, running games, quiet activities and climbing activities.  We have access to the use of fields, an all weather pitch and local swimming pool.

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