Parent Questionnaire and Feedback

Parent Voice has given us lots to think about. Your comments have genuine impact. here are a few changes that have been made because of discussions or questionnaires:

  • "It would be helpful to have all of the important dates in one place." Each half term I send an updated calendar with the Headteacher's Newsletter.
  • "We're never sure whether our internet is playing up or whether maths homework hasn't been set." All teachers set homework on MyMaths half a term in advance so it is always there during term time.
  • "It's always the same, the last day of the holiday comes along and there's suddenly a mad panic about homework." We never set compulsory homework during the holidays.
  • "I'm struggling to find childcare for just 1/2 an hour before school." We now have a successful breakfast club and an after-school club in its infancy.
  • "Parents don't feel welcomed into the Junior School at the beginning of Year 3." We had a whole day of parent tours in July and added extra transition events for year 2 children. In the first few weeks we encouraged Year 3 parents to come in through the classrooms to get a feel for the new school. 
  • Some parents comment that they don't have enough information about their child's progress. We now have a progress report every half-term that builds a profile across the year. parents are routinely invited into school for discussion if their child appears to be falling behind. 
  • Some parents don't feel that bullying and unacceptable behaviour is dealt with effectively. The behaviour and anti-bullying policy has been reviewed and added to the website. Children are given a booklet to fill in and share with the Headteacher over a 2 week period. parents are always invited back to school to discuss progress if desired. (Please also note: behaviour is routinely described by visitors as excellent and very consistent.)
  • Some parents feel that their suggestions are not taken into account. This page hopes to be a growing record of how Parent Questionnaires and Parent Voice events make a real difference.

Thank you very much if you filled one of these in. It was great to see so many at Parents Evening.

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