Friday, 28 November 2014

Y3 maths

Ordering units of time. Year 3 investigated, using chrome books, different measurements time. Some they had to research, like how long its been since the last ice age. They then tried to order them.

Clay desk tidy

Some of the finished ones. All that's left to do is decorate them!

Learning French!

Bonjour! Salut!
Year 4 have been learning new French vocabulary and practising them in sentences. As you can see, Bof, Polly and Jake were 'on hand' to help us out.

Go Go Dragons 2015.

Yesterday we had a visit from the charity Break and some of their fabulous Go Go Dragons. Ask your children what they are for. Sounds exciting and fun!

Best Effort!

Today was a short best effort as we also have a Year Group assembly this afternoon. Certificates were awarded 1st. Next Mr Amies awarded the times table trophies for the week, which went to 4T and 3O for lower school. 5B won it for upper school.
Following this Mrs Harrison awarded book marks, and finally we had a poem read out.

Year 6 RE religious figures presentations

We have become 'experts' about a particular religious figure. Ask us about them!

Y6 Exploring 3D Shapes

How many different 3D shapes can you make with 12 pieces of polydron or less?

How could you classify the shapes you have made?

How would you justify that you have found all of the shapes possible with 12 pieces or less?

Polydron challenge

Year 6 were given the challenge of finding as many different 3D shapes with 12 pieces of Polydron or less. Lots of excitement and discussion followed. Here are a few of our creative results...

Thursday, 27 November 2014