Sunday, 27 October 2013

Year 3 Circus Day

This half term, Year 3 wanted to raise money for the local Cromer Skate Park and to do so they decided it would be fun to have a Circus Day. Most of us dressed up and we all took part in circus activities as well as having a juggler in school to teach them some juggling skills! It was a great day with lots of fun had. Well done Year 3 for the money you raised and thank you to all parents/carers who helped with outfits and donations. Here are some photos... 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Fabulous homework from 5B

There was some amazing homework created by 5B this week. Their task was to create a set of Top Trump cards for their favourite authors. The results were wonderful.

If homework of this quality continues, Mrs Blair will be the happiest teacher at CJS! Well done.

Mr Godson's Last Assembly

As expected our last Best Effort Assembly of the half term - Mr Godsons last ever assembly as Headteacher of CJS -  was an emotional one..

It started with a dance from Y3...

Followed by headteacher awards...

And as always certificates were given out...

Mrs Fields presented some children with reading certificates from the summer library challenge (you probably can't spot her as she is blending in with the background!!)

Then the children from each class presented Mr Godson with a card they had made for him...

And the tears were flowing when a special poem was read out - written and dedicated to Mr Godson.

The children then sang a song, accompanied by Mr Amies on guitar ...

And last but not least - a group of Y6 girls sang and performed a song they dedicated to Mr Godson - the tears were definitely flowing!!

We would like to wish Mr Godson all the luck and success in the world in his new role as 'Emperor of The Universe' and hope he comes back to visit often :-)

Headteacher's Newsletter

Cromer Junior School

Headteacher’s Newsletter

4.11.13 School re-opens
4-6.12.13 Hilltop Y6
19.12.13 Christmas Church Service at 10am-Christmas  dinner
20.12.13 Break up
7.1.14 School opens

25.10.13                                  01263512155

A Personal ‘Thank You’
I have had some lovely conversations, received wonderful messages and worked through a number of emotional moments since the news of my departure.  I have really appreciated the depth of feeling and the time taken to note the many, many positive developments for your school in the last thirteen years.

If you have never had children in another school, or visited schools in other counties, cities, towns or villages or even not visited your own school when it is in action, it is extremely difficult to appreciate why Cromer Junior School is a ‘good school with many outstanding features.’  I have had the privilege of working in eight schools and having taught children from 4 to 18 years old. (Yes, I was secondary school PE teacher!)   Whilst at CJS, myself and the staff have worked alongside and supported a number of other schools.  We have had that experience.  We understand!  I thank you for your understanding and support.  My intentions have always been to provide the best teaching, opportunities and support for the children of CJS.  There are many ways in which these exceed those often experienced.
I know I am passing the baton on to a Headteacher who also has the same intentions! 

I wish you all the very best for the future and look forward to being invited to share in the future events of the school.  Goodbye, and as I always say now, go well!
S.J.Godson 25th October 2013

Visits and Visitors:
This gives you a flavour of  additional opportunities this half term:
Benjamin Foundation support, community Sports Foundation coaching, Football tournaments, Jeans for Genes, Cookery, Guitars, Benjamin Court, Morrisons, Cressida Cowell author, Macmillan, Sheringham Park, Visitors to SRB, Cromer Academy Arts Extravaganza, East Anglian  Air Ambulance, Rev. David, How Hill Residential, Crucial crew safety, Circus Workshop, Space  Dome. This is without clubs etc!
CJS continues to financially support or pay for, all of the above events. Your contributions are very helpful and most appreciated.

Holidays and Absences:
Please remember that there are  no longer holiday forms in use.  Absences for holidays often end up as unauthorised unless they meet specific government criteria.  If the children are taken out of school, it is essential that the rest of their attendance is very good otherwise low overall attendance can now lead to further actions.
We work very closely with the Attendance Officer and Will Campbell, our  Parent Support Adviser on issues of attendance so please do not be surprised if you are contacted as we are always looking to see if there are ways help can be given.

6P's Charity Fundraiser

Today 6P have dressed up in odd clothes to raise money for Macmillan cancer support

As a class we have raised £20 for this charity.

There was a prize for the most creative person, and the winner was...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

4T How Hill day 2...

We have had another fantastic day of activities, with an added bonus of glorious sunshine!! We took a boat ride to Barton Broad, became thatchers, went on a nature trail (involving tree hugging!!) and went orienteering. To end our day, we had 'movie night' and are now all looking forward to a good night sleep...hopefully!!