Monday, 30 September 2013

Best Effort

As usual we had a large number of children (62 I believe) who received a big certificate :-)

4 children received head teachers awards, therefore earning a bookmark..

And 2 children earned their name on the headteacher's trophy.

As usual the year groups had got some great work to show...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Year 3 Monsters!

In between all the healthy eating learning, Year 3 were also learning about adjectives and instructions. One of activities they did was to follow instructions to create a monster mask. Here are 3C with their end product on...

Year 3 Healthy Eating

This week, Year 3 have been learning all about healthy eating and balanced diets. To help them understand the different food groups the children had to do a sorting activity with lots of foods then they each became one!

Next, as part of maths, the children had to work in teams to measure out ingredients for a carrot and raisin muffin. Then follow instructions carefully to make the mixture.

After that, they got to make their healthy sandwich, which they had designed earlier in the week (big thanks to all parents/carers who provided fillings).

To end the fun filled week, we all went and had a picnic with our healthy sandwiches and muffins!

Well done Year 3, another great week packed with super effort and tons of learning.