Thursday, 31 January 2013

Y6 Reading Homework

Before you attempt this piece of homework, please read the 'Group Feedback' given at the end of the last blog homework. Use this to improve the quality of your response.

Compare and contrast the ways in which each author has chosen to open their story and why they are effective openings:

Escape from Shangri-La by Michael Morpurgo:

I was kneeling up against the back of the sofa looking out of the window. Summer holidays and raining, raining streams. "He's been there all day," I said.

"Who has?" My mother was still doing the ironing. "I don't know why," she went on, "but I love ironing. Therapeutic, restorative, satisfying. Not like teaching at all. Teaching's definitely not therapeutic." She talked a lot about teaching, even in the holidays.

"That man. He just stands there. He just stands there staring at us.'

"It's a free world isn't it?"

Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick:

Zoe ran. Harder than she had ever run in her life. Her feet pounded through the deserted streets of derelict buildings. Somewhere, not far behind, she could hear the gang coming after her. It felt as if her heart would burst, but she didn't slow down. She'd been planning to leave the island for a long time, but had been putting it off. It was a big decision to set out to sea in a tiny rowing boat. Now she had no choice.


  • A good comparison will include several points to explain the similarities and differences between the two openings.
  • Use quotes from the text as evidence to justify your points.
  • Think about: the atmosphere and feelings created; and techniques used by the author.
  • February 8th 2013

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Y3 Visit to Cromer Parish Church

This Tuesday, Y3 walked down to the local Parish Church to sketch and explore the features of a church. Here are some pictures of them carefully looking at the beautiful detail in the building and then trying to put this down on paper. Well done Y3 for great behaviour.

Year 3... which feature of the church was your favourite and why?

Y3 Builders...

Last week and this week, Year 3 have been learning all about buildings and especially historical ones in Cromer. Last week, one of their activities was to make one of these buildings, in groups, with junk! (A big thank you for all the junk that was brought in). Here are some photos of the children in action. 

More to come of the finished buildings soon.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Miss Stares' maths group have been hard at work measuring angles and lines to create a triangle game. Each triangle had to be measured accurately and recreated perfectly onto card. All the group achieved wonderfully accurate results - well done from Miss Stares.

Best Effort Assembly

65 children received certificates today for good work. Well done.

5 children received a Headteachers Award. Well done to them!

And children were showing a variety of best effort work, ranging from; having learnt times tables, angles, art work, handwriting and reading journal work to name a few :-).

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Year 6 Reading Homework

Using this passage of text from 'Escape from Shangri-La', compare the way that Cessie's feelings change during the extract:

After keeping watch, he sent the rest of us below deck to get some sleep. No one argued, least of all me. I was exhausted by now, frozen through and longing for the warmth of the cabin. I curled myself into myself and fell asleep almost at once.

A bell was ringing in my ears as I woke. Then I discovered it wasn't my ears at all. It was ringing somewhere above my head. I swung my legs off the bed and ran out of the cabin. I saw Chalky bending over his engines.

'Anything wrong?' I asked.
'Fog,' he said, without looking up. 'Lousy fog.'

Moments later I was up on deck and it was swirling all around me. I couldn't see the bow of the boat at all. Popsicle was at the wheel. Everyone else, including Harry, was on watch all around the boat, like dark statues, each of them wrapped in a cocoon of their own fog. None of them moved. None of them spoke. Popsicle saw me.

'We're listening, ' he whispered.

  • Again, I'm looking for a 3 mark response.
  • Use PEE (point, evidence, explain) to structure your answer.
  • Please read the 'Group Feedback' close to the end of the last piece of homework for advice about making your answers better.
Due: 25th January 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Y3, the Archaeologists...

Linked to our project this week, archaeology,  Y3 have been trying to find clues about humans by looking at a skeleton and also rummaging through rubbish! They were amazed to discover how much you can find out about a household by looking through their rubbish. Following this activity, the children are now in the process of compiling a report with all their findings in. 

Y3... post some comments with snippets of your discoveries. 

Y3 Circle Time

In circle time this week, Y3 have been trying to achieve a class goal. They have to work together, silently, to get everyone from a sitting position to all in a standing position. Sounds easy! But there is a twist... they have to do it one at a time, else they all have to sit down and start again if two or more stand together. After a few goes (and quite a bit of giggling) they worked together and achieved their goal.

Y3 Maths in PE...

Y3 have been having fun in PE by making symmetrical and a-symmetrical shapes. Here's some pictures of them in action.

Y4, Y5 and Y6 challenge... can you comment to say whether they are symmetrical or a-symmetrical?

New Wine Church Messy Assembly

Sadie, Mark and Rachel came in to lead a school assembly involving lots of custard! They were also promoting SAT club (nothing to do with SATs) which takes place in school on Saturday mornings.

Year 5's trip to Norwich Castle yesterday was wonderful - we went on an archaeological dig, finding artefacts from the stone age to modern day; we listened to stories from an old Iceni warrior who shared artefacts from the local area; we travelled along the Saxon and Viking trail before finding the treasures of the Castle Keep. Despite the long bus ride home, all children thoroughly enjoyed their day.